Porting openwrt packages

Not sure this is possible, so I’ll give you the whole story and see.

I just ran a test of nethsecurity off a live USB, looks nice has a lot of features. But I noticed straight away my 10G fiber card wasn’t detect.

lspci showed the card without issue, but there doesn’t look to be a package under the opkg list to install to cover it. Doing some searching I found openwrt has the kmod-mlx4-core and kmod-mlx5-core packages available which should cover off my Mellanox 10g card.

Is there a way to get those ported over, or a way to add that repo into the NS package manager?


Hi and welcome!

It seems that the Mellonix card uses proprietarty drivers (not in the linux kernel by default) and also has a certain age, if not obsolete. I am afraid that downloading and installing such drivers is a manual task and beyond the capabilities of NethSecurity(or NS).

I stand corrected if I am wrong. Not really what you wanted to hear I guess.

Good luck and again, welcome!


Please, test the Mellanox drivers using a real openwrt image.
If they work, we can build them for NethSecurity 8.