Port forwarding problems

NethServer Version:
I have a problem with port forwarding to internal destination : my nethserver has two IP address on red interface, the first one to itself and the second one who resolves to another domain name.
ex docs.mydomain.com ( red interface ) archive.mydomain.com ( alias on red int. )
I created an object named archive with internal IP and set up some port forward to that destination ( ports 25, 80, 443, 22)
nat hairpin configured too.
when I try to access archive.mydomain.com from external or internal addresses all it’s working as expected.
archive.mydomain.com is a piler box for archiving emails, when nethserver receive a message, it should forward it to archive but in logs I read
status=bounced (mail for archive.mydomain.com loops back to myself)
what am I doing wrong?

Does your server knows that have “archive.mydomain.com” as alias?

no, it doesn’t, because it’s not an alias
my server has two public IP addresses configured on red interface, the first one is the IP registered for nethserver, the second one for archive.
archive.mydomain.com it’s another server on internal subnet where I would nethserver forward all messages

Does it work if you add the maildomain archive.mydomain.com and relay to the piler box?



yesssssssssssss thank you very much mrmarkuz… :slight_smile: