Port Forwarding Problem


(Bereket Teketel) #1

NethServer Version: 6.8
Module: Port Forwarding Issue

Please help
I have configured my port forwarding as shown below

  1. I have create a dns host
  2. I have created a firewall host
  3. Select TCP, UDP -> Red WAN IP -> Original Port -> Destination Port

Accessible inside my network but where as is not accessible outside my network
but other ports like the default port 980 is accessible outside

Please help

(Michael Träumner) #2

You shouldn’t connect this port to the internet directly.
Please do it with a VPN network. It’s to unsecure.


(Eddie Atherton) #3

You also need a “Destination host” and “Allow from”. What are these configured with.


(Bereket Teketel) #4

Destination Host configured with dns host
Allow Only From => is blank

(Eddie Atherton) #5

Try “any”.

Update Sorry, ignore that. I was reading something wrong.


(Bereket Teketel) #6

This my config in case you need it

(Eddie Atherton) #7

Sorry about my confusing reply earlier. :expressionless:

Two obvious questions:

On the NS server, does “host briskweb.gamby” resolve correctly.

Is the inbound request coming in on the correct WAN IP. Is there a reason you’re not using “any”.


(Bereket Teketel) #8

This is what i have done

about the NS i don’t have Name Server I just gave it what i like. I thought the host name is not the important part, i thought, the IP is what is important