Port Forwarding Problem

NethServer Version: 6.8
Module: Port Forwarding Issue

Please help
I have configured my port forwarding as shown below

  1. I have create a dns host
  2. I have created a firewall host
  3. Select TCP, UDP -> Red WAN IP -> Original Port -> Destination Port

Accessible inside my network but where as is not accessible outside my network
but other ports like the default port 980 is accessible outside

Please help

You shouldn’t connect this port to the internet directly.
Please do it with a VPN network. It’s to unsecure.


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You also need a “Destination host” and “Allow from”. What are these configured with.


Destination Host configured with dns host
Allow Only From => is blank

Try “any”.

Update Sorry, ignore that. I was reading something wrong.


This my config in case you need it

Sorry about my confusing reply earlier. :expressionless:

Two obvious questions:

On the NS server, does “host briskweb.gamby” resolve correctly.

Is the inbound request coming in on the correct WAN IP. Is there a reason you’re not using “any”.


This is what i have done

about the NS i don’t have Name Server I just gave it what i like. I thought the host name is not the important part, i thought, the IP is what is important