Port forwarding is not opening ports

I wrote shorewall iptrace -d ftp --dport 21 surrounding with angle brackets and theforum software (discourse) ate my text. :slight_smile:
The syntax is that of iptables.

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Hey. I have 3 computers for which port forwarding is configured. The 2 rules work fine. This port is 3389 and port is 3390. But the 3 rule with port 3350 does not work. Tell me how to solve the problem?

Tell us (a screenshot?) how these rules are configured… :wink:

Tell me how to make work 3 rule? (all rules for RDP)

The gateway of the destination host of the 3rd rule points to Nethsevice?
The destination object is configured correctly with the ip of the host?
If you ping the ip of the destination host from Nethservice console, it works?
If you ping the ip of the Nethservice from the destination host, it works?
The RDP on the destination host is configured correctly on 3389 port?

we have 3 computers

  1. rdp 3389 (everything works)
  2. rdp 3390 (everything works)
    3 rdp 3350 (does not work if you connect from the outside, internal network turns on normally

Firewall on allow NAT traversal access or public ip access?

If internally the host responds on 3350 port, you have to change your rule to put 3350 in “Destination port” instead of 3389

Thank you. I changed the port and it really helped. It’s just that my version 2 shows 3390 - 3389 and it works.

I’m glad to hear it.

You have to point to internal port that is effectively configured, not the standard port, if it was changed for some reason :slight_smile: