POP3 Connector or POP3 Proxy

In my small home network, there are a dozen different e-mail addresses, all of which can be accessed by POP3.
Which is the favoured method of support this. Have the e-mail clients use the mail-server POP3 and use POP3 Proxy in NS. Or have NS use POP3 Connector to retrieve mail, and then have e-mail clients POP3 to NS.
What are the pros/cons of each solution.

Hi @EddieA

Proxy POP3: Intercept and scan POP3 connections for viruses and spam messages

Connector POP3: Retrieve messages from external email accounts with POP3 or IMAP


Hi @EddieA

I think that it is not correct make a comparison of pros/cons beetween two different modules.

In my experience I prefer to centralize data to manage just one backup for all my clients, I mean: you could use NethServer with POP3 collector (I prefer call it collector instead of connector) to have all email for every account stored in NethServer so you easily: backup/restore email one time for all, better integration with mobile devices, have your own management, increase functionalities, privacy and security. In this scenario your clients should be configured in IMAP accounts created onto NethServer.

If for some reason you need to maintain alive your POP3 clients with as many separated email archives you can enable POP3 proxy to just increase security.

Hope this can help you.

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