POP3 connector - not working with IMAP

Hey folks,

I tried to configure a Nethserver to download mails with the POP3 connector and IMAP.
I tried SSL and without SSL and it’s not working until now.
In the logs I get:

awakened by User defined signal 1
X messages for ...
reading message ... (log message incomplete)
terminated with signal 15

POP is working well with SSL and without.

I’d like to download all folders (Inbox, Send messages, drafts …)
Will the connector do it with IMAP? Or is it checking only the inbox even with IMAP?
Is it possible to define a folder in which the mailbox is saved directly (without setting up filters in Roundcube)?

Thank’s for your great support here.

It sound like this feature of fetchmail isn’t tested enough, actually I haven’t used this :-
I guess that we need to debug fetchmail logs

I useing it, all is perfect :slight_smile:

@Pascal_Michard , all mail goes to Inbox for your account it is by design .

show please :

db fetchmail show


You have 32 Gb of ram on that workstation? lol!

only 4GB of RAM )

hey thanks for checking

If I where you I would at least cut out your email addresses and URLs from the screenshot.

I prefer not to post
db fetchmail show

Infos to personal and nothing special.

I tried ssl, no ssl, keep, no keeping.

it is not Top secret email and site , all is for testing purpose :slight_smile:

i do not need password field it is obvious.
i need :


let us increase Verbosity in LOG :

db configuration setprop fetchmail extraOptions '-vv --fastuidl 1 --sslproto ssl23’
signal-event nethserver-fetchmail-update

less /var/log/fetchmail.log

looks exactly like this, only with my credentials of corse.

I switched nokeep and ssl on and of for testing.

ok I’ll increase verbosity and check it tomorrow or monday.

Thank’s for your help again @Nas