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Hello guys,

Can anybody help? Because I have a little problem with the pop3-connector. I can receive mails per imap, but only inbox and trash. I wanna receive the other folders too. What I have to do for this?

best regards Mario

There’s a discussion about this here on a previous thread not long ago but my search foo sucks. Maybe yours will be better.

I found something about IMAP: http://community.nethserver.org/t/ability-to-select-mailbox-with-pop3-connector/6370
But I could not understand. Can someone explain to me what I need to do?

I use Nethserver 6.9 and fetchmail. So the default configuration.

Yeah, that’s the thread, they’re building it into the gui to select the folders for sync but they’re not quite finished yet so it hasn’t been released to production. Just have to wait a little longer.

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The new feature is being developed by @Bart, but it’s based on getmail, not fetchmail. getmail is available only on NS 7.

Many thanks for your response. Then I have to wait a bit. OK - I do.

I found following command:

poll imap.server.com proto imap user xxxx with pass yyy is zzz here folders folder1,folder2,“folder2/subfolder1”;

but where in the Nethserver can I configure that? And can I use that?