POP3-connector drops 1 account

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: POP3-connector

Since some days the pop3 connector has a problem with our info@ account.
We use the pop3 connector to get the emails from the smarthost ( allinkl.com ), ca. 20 accounts. No bigger problems since 2018!
All accounts arrive their targets, only emails for info@ NOT.
Info@ sends emails extern and intern without problems.
We are helpless to find the reason.
Knows someone a way to find out the reason ?

maillog shows about 100 lines the same:

Feb 5 23:10:10 msrv getmail: Retrieval error: server for SimplePOP3SSLRetriever:…@…kasserver.com:995 is broken; offered message 0000b3c55134ec6a but failed to provide it. Please notify the administrator of the server. Skipping message…

Thanks for any idea …

Your mail service provider could verify message index?
Also on the external mail server is there configured any mail rule?

…we logged in to service provider side, deleted all arrived emails and checked the rest…
1 email was broken/corrupted. After deleting all was OK again.
But we don’t know how to “translate” 0000b3c55134ec, to find the broken email faster.
Problem is solved.

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