POP3 Connector does not work Properly

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: POP Connector

I have 4 users for which POP Connector should collect eMails from external sourses. Are are with the same account provider (web.de).
Three are running perfect, One does not.

According to Cron-Job failure E-Mail it is about User Name / Pasword:

Cron root@ebb-s01 /usr/bin/flock -n -E 0 /var/lib/getmail/juser@web.de.cfg -c “/usr/bin/getmail --getmaildir /var/lib/getmail/ --rcfile /var/lib/getmail/juser@web.de.cfg --quiet”

But definatly, the user name / pasword combination is correkt: I even did CRTL-C / CRTL-V from Nethserver Webinterface to Web.de login interface - which works.

Any Ideas?
Thank you in advance

Do you get more information when running the command?

/usr/bin/flock -n -E 0 /var/lib/getmail/juser@web.de.cfg -c "/usr/bin/getmail -vv --getmaildir /var/lib/getmail/ --rcfile /var/lib/getmail/juser@web.de.cfg"

Sorry, I do not know the command flock (I just arrived from the ubuntu section :slight_smile:
The answer to the command is:

flock: -c requires exactly one command argument

Sorry, corrected the command above (replaced quotation marks).

Result is
getmail version 5.5
Copyright (C) 1998-2012 Charles Cazabon. Licensed under the GNU GPL version 2.
firstname.lastname@web.de.cfg: operation error (POP error (-ERR authentication failed))
0 messages (0 bytes) retrieved, 0 skipped

but honestly: The password / user name is correct. I changed it to an extremly simple password and I transfered it by Copy-Paste from Nethserver Webinterface to Web.de Interface - where it works.

Thank you Thorsten

Has web.de mail any setting to enable POP3 support for external mail programs? Is it enabled for that account?

No, it does not. Moreover: I do get e-Mail from three other accounts with the same namepattern. Also, Iif I log into the web.de de interface I revieve e-mails showing multiple login errors.

At this stage I believe that Nethserver does not passe the username / password correctly.

Did the original password had special characters (like |, \ …) ?
Can you verify if the password is correctly stored in the database?

db getmail show juser@web.de
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Hi Marc,

yes, ther were special charaters, but I do not remember. The password in the database is correct. I did a countercheck via the respective file in /var/lib/getmail/user@web.de.cnf

Might this have cause any contemporary issues?


Don’t think so. It could have created unexpected (but unused) db entries for that account.

The idea by Markus was to remove a dot from the end of the password - it does not help either.

YES, this was the solution - I did not know that. I am running my Web.de Account since more than 20 years. It mit be a “feature” implemente before my youngest son was born - The only account within my family where this feature applied. … Sorry for not noteing

Thanks and best regards