Please use Telegram for security & privacy (Poll added)

Like many of us,I use Whatsapp. Back in the day when Jan Koum created Whatsapp in ejabberd it was an instant hit and it hurt telecom providers massively by scooping away very expensive SMS revenue. A lot has changed since then.

Today a few tech giants such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft own 99% of the social media market. And I don’t like that for several important reasons.

A. Vendor lock in
B. Security
C. Privacy
D. Dependency
E. Developments
F. Censorship
G. Hypocrite

amongst other many very good reasons.

So I call upon you, the reader, to change your status in Whatsapp or any other client to the following:

“Please use Telegram for security & privacy”

Also please check out other open source social media such as Diaspora ( @robb

So in short, please advise your social friends with your new “status” :slight_smile:

What products do you use?

  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Signal
  • FB Messenger
  • Other
  • None

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…or Signal…


Indeed, anything is better then the existing usage of the commercial parties. However the effective use of a chat app is based on the critical masses of users. We can’t change that.

I also do use telegram and with NethServer we have our telegram channel too.
However, I was never able to find any indication that telegram is less invasive when it comes to privacy. The fact telegram says they don’t track their users doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. If anyone can point me to a link where telegram tracking is investigated, I would be very gratefull to read more about that.
Other alternative social media options:

  • diaspora alternative to facebook/Google+ (G+ will stop next month, if you use G+ consider to join diaspora as a replacement)
  • mastodon alternative to twitter
  • mattermost alternative to slack, and we already have a mattermost module for NethServer. I installed it and it works like a charm!

AFAIK Telegram is more “privacy conscious” only when used as self destructing chats.
On big leap for privacy given by telegram is that i can connect with someone without give my phone number, whatsapp do not allow the same thing.
And a massive hit for me for using telegram is multi-device account connection, even with a computer client (not only the “big remote” knows as web version of WA).
Anyway… it won’t be easy to be connected and privacy protected into digital TLC era.

I left wathsapp one year ago, too much close of FB :slight_smile: I would add it is not easy all the time because people doesn’t use so much telegram or signal.

Signal has made a lot of progress recently, I believe one of the creator of whatsapp has made a huge donation to the project.

The Whatsappweb can only be used with your phone (where WA is installed) on. So it uses your phone as a proxy. It is not a independent webapplication.
The telegram web app is an independent application…

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That is why i call Web version “a big remote”. because without the phone on you cannot do anything.

is there a nethserver group on telegram

I prefer Televram for groups and also its nice that you dont have to use your mobile number unlike Whatsapp

But Signal isnt any different to watsapp you need a mo ile number to use it on a mobile or andrkod device and it isnt supported on the IOS.

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Of course it is:

Can an admin setup a poll?

Telegram of Signal, what do you use the most?


OT Mode on: started using TrackBot few days ago. It works wonderfully.

Any references pls?

My bad…
It’s an italian devloped bot for Telegram for tracking shipments.
I tested with a couple of shipment, and at least for Italy seems far more reliable than Deliveries app for Android

More info on website (seems italian only)
and the telegram site for add the bot

I also use Uptime Robot bot for monitor some ISP connections or HTTPS apps

thanks dan I cant find it on the app store. Sorry just to clarify, I was refering to Signal. TELEGRAM, I have sorry

Yes, and I gave you a link to it on the app store.

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My apologees. for both the late reply and apologee. I Recieved it and have joined. Thank you