Played with the new NS7 improvements

Because I did not succeed to create a scenario as I said here (backup data from a File Server to a Backup Server through UrBackup and/or BackupPC), today I have played with two NS7 servers, doing next things:
On Proxmox VE:

  • 1 x NS7 as PDC/AD/File Server
  • 1 x NS7 as BKP Server

First, on BKP Server, I have installed OpenLDAP as Account provider.
After I failed with UrBackup and BackupPC, I have thinked to use/test NFS by @stephdl . But for that, I had to install Samba AD on BKP Server.
So, I have uninstall OpenLDAP and then installed Samba AD, joining to an existing AD domain (first NS7 - PDC/AD/File Server).
After that, I have configured Backup (data) on the PDC/AD/File Server to a NFS Share, on NS7 BKP Server.
Everything worked without issues!

So, today I have tested:

  • Installed and uninstalled OpenLDAP Account provider
  • Installed Samba AD Account provider and joined NS7 to an existing AD domain (all users and groups from PDC/AD/File Server were synchronized on BKP Server after that)
  • Backup data between two NS7 Servers through NFS.

Anyway, does anybody knew how to backup data from a NS7 File Server to a NS7 Backup Server through UrBackup and/or BackupPC? :pensive:


  • PDC/AD/File Server was updated through Software center with “service pack 1”.
  • BKP Server was installed from scratch.

Excellent work Gabriel!

I think NS 7 isn’t different from NS 6 on this.
Am I right? :confused:

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Thank you Giacomo!

I think no.

BackupPC can do backups through rsync, without a client installed, as UrBackup do.
I did not figured out how to make the settings.

What I need is to backup the users data from home folders and from shared folders to other location than the File Server.
I still think that a File Server is the best solution to keep data safely and not on Desktop PC.

I can tag some experts about UrBbackup
@Adam @danielecurto @Enzo @flatspin @MartinsZB

Sorry I’m only backing up windows clients with urbackup at the moment.
Didn’t try it on linux yet.
But I’m interested about the result of your trials @GG_jr, because I’m planning a similar setup.
1x Gateway/firewall + 1x AD file- and groupwareserver + 1x Backupserver.
To backup the first 2 I will need the same as you.
So I’m looking forward to your HowTo. :thumbsup: TIA :smile:

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Same as @flatspin, only backing up windows clients, and my urbackup server backup is a Qnap NAS.

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I use backuppc to save all my linux hosts on my network by rsync with a rsa key. All is described here . Normally once done you have just to give the IP and the path location you want to save…keep me in touch if you have some issues.