Phpvirtualbox or libvirt KVM

NethServer Version: Nethserver 7.9.2009 (final)

Hi everybody!

The custom data backup and restore to VPS described in Custom data backup is going well, but unfortunately I don’t have much time so I haven’t finished in all its details yet.

In the meantime, a problem has arisen and I would like to seek advice on this matter.

We use an older Firebird 1.5 database program but it can only run on Windows because the developer did not resolve the connection of the clients to the Firebird server running under Linux. Unfortunately, we can’t replace this for now, so we’re forced to continue using it. We want to replace it, but we haven’t found another solution yet. That’s why we’re forced to create a virtual Windows 10 machine on Nethserver. Another problem is that the old Firebird 1.5 program is slow to use from the home office over the Internet.

My question would be what should I use for it, phpvirtualbox or libvirt KVM? I have found that virtual Windows in phpvirtualbox is slower than in libvirt KVM and I don’t know what a problem it can cause with the already slow Firebird 1.5.

What could be a good solution? How can I save Firebird 1.5 databases from a Windows virtual machine with Nethserver’s built-in backup? Is this possible at all?

Thanks for your help.

Although there used to be a virtualization module for nethserver, which still can be used, I would not suggest to use nethserver as a host. instead rather use plain kvm or if you have some spare resources, use proxmox (then nethserver itself can be a vm on that too)

@robb I understand well you suggest I’m not using Nethserver phpvirtualbox and instead I create a libvirt KVM virtual machine on the CentOS?

Is it possible to back up data from the virtual machine with the built-in backup of Nethserver?
In the meantime, I installed phpvirtualbox but I can’t find an option to remove it in the Software Center. How can I completely uninstall phpvirtualbox, vboxuser, vbox home directory, e-smith and etc. settings now?

remove it from the application page

@stephdl Unfortunately, after installation, phpvirtualbox did not appear on the Applications page, only the vboxweb-service is visible in the Services. So I ask how to completely remove phpvirtualbox , vboxuser, vbox home directory, e-smith and etc. settings …

yum remove $(rpm -qa | grep -i virtualbox)

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@stephdl Thank you but unfortunately this does not remove the vboxuser, vbox home directory, e-smith’s entries, vboxweb-service from Application and etc. settings. How can I remove these completly?

No much idea, google is your friend, ns7 is a centos7 clone, look in that direction.

Esmith prop is not a problem, same for the vbox user, vboxweb-service should be stopped