Phpvirtualbox console access (RDP port 9000-9010)

I have phpvirtualbox installed on my NS, and it is functioning correctly, except for the console.
The console conencts RDP ports 9000-9010, but these can be changed.
When I try to connect to my VM through the console, I get;

Disconnect reason: E: TCP: SECURITY_ERROR Error #2048

Do I need to open ports 9000-9010 on the NS Firewall, I don’t have the basic firewall enabled, so how do I do that?

I would use the basic firewall.
Otherwise, you need to follow the manual to create a custom service:

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Thanks, got it with the basic firewall installed.
Just a follow up question,
I created the service for phpvirtualbox, ports 9000-9010, then I created a firewall rule to allow green->green, and it didn’t work, I had to set it as green->firewall. Does that sound right, didn’t sound right logically to me, just trying to understand.

Since phpvirtualbox is running on the firewall itself the rule should be green->fw (or red->fw if you want access from the internet).
green->green makes no sense to me.

Ok, I get it, that makes sense, so NS is the FW, which is NS, and green is the rest of LAN.
Just understanding the terminology.

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