Php-fpm in the default directory

Nethserver 7.9

How do I use php without php-fpm in the default directory?

I have installed the php-scl package, but in the default directory I would like to use it without php-fpm, as it causes me some difficulties in controlling my scripts.

Thank you very much in advance.

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php-fpm in cockpit is used at the vhost level, not at all in /var/www/html

Do you use cockpit php-fpm or my module nethserver-php-scl

Hello, I use the module module nethserver-php-scl to have the different versions of php.

The scripts that run in / var / www / html are under pfp-fpm, see the image.

read the wiki page of nethserver-php-scl it is obsolete now, please use the php-scl integrated inside the vhost panel

I know this isn’t what you were looking for, but having recently switched to using php-fpm I would urge you to consider trying to learn or adapt to it.

Not only is the performance gain huge (I noticed hugely increased load times on some pages) but there are some other significant advantages, including increased security (private /tmp being one example) and the ability to restart PHP without restarting the web server, which can be great for minimizing downtime if you change PHP configuration files, as php-fpm restarts much faster than most webservers.

What are the specific problems you ran into? I ran into a number of problems when I went over to php-fpm…before you just give up on this new service you might want to at least try working through them, or asking for help with others who have more experience with it.

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