Php-fpm in the default directory

Nethserver 7.9

How do I use php without php-fpm in the default directory?

I have installed the php-scl package, but in the default directory I would like to use it without php-fpm, as it causes me some difficulties in controlling my scripts.

Thank you very much in advance.

php-fpm in cockpit is used at the vhost level, not at all in /var/www/html

Do you use cockpit php-fpm or my module nethserver-php-scl

Hello, I use the module module nethserver-php-scl to have the different versions of php.

The scripts that run in / var / www / html are under pfp-fpm, see the image.

read the wiki page of nethserver-php-scl it is obsolete now, please use the php-scl integrated inside the vhost panel