Php 7.1 -> php 7.2

I noticed that my NS has been upgraded to php 7.2. As far as I recall I need php 7.x only for Nextcloud. Now I see php 7.1 on port 9001 and 7.2 on port 9002 running as a service on my NS. Stopping php 7.1. seems not to create issues. To run some occ commands I only had to update the memory limit in php.ini to 512MB.

Question: Rather than simply disabling the service I would like to completely remove php 7.1, is this safe? If so what is the recommended removal procedure?


**NethServer Version: 7.6
**Module: Nextcloud

As I didn’t have any other application running on php71 I just removed it (reading the list of dependencies to make sure to not delete more than wanted), without experiencing any issue:

yum remove *rh-php71*

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I just want to point out that the only “official” applications using PHP 7.1 are:

  • nextcloud (from release 16 switched to PHP 7.2)
  • webtop5-webdav

@Amygos can we move WebTop5 to PHP 7.2?