Permanently enable additional YUM repositories

A bit off topic

We seen this Issue more than once here;
On some occasions with the unpleasant side effect package installed from nethforg not receiving updates after a user subscribes their system.

This being said I like to propose a easy procedure to (permanently) enable at least nethforge on subscriptions systems. Especially because more than once the users hit with this issue subscribe their systems out-of good will: appreciation for the nethserver project.

IMHO there are 3 options:

  1. enable nethforge by default
  2. e-smith db property to permanently enable nethforge, has to be done on the command line
  3. Option to do the above (2) in the software center.

and to prevent this

So to overcame the limitation (this will be lost on next cron run):

I would prefer a permanent solution

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@davidep what do you think? Could be easy to implement options 1 or 2 from proposed my Mark?


Which makes sense in some situations, avoiding routing problems.
I’m asking you if possible to have some best practices about docker into a “server only” machine and correlation between gateway.
Maybe could ease a lot of loopholes…

I’d go with 2: it’s just a step far from the template-custom approach. Repository configuration needs special care in the restore use case.

I’d like a generic prop that fits also other custom repositories, e.g:


A comma separate list was actually my thinking :blush: thought let’s do a “save” proposal : "at least nethforg"

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I like the idea!

Not really. I’m very happy about the work done by the community on the docker stuff, but I never deeply studied how it works and I never considered it as constraint for the platform development.
So if I will need to do changes on firewall part (which is present in all installations), I promise I will try to not break the docker integration. But if I have decide between fixing a bug in the iptables chains and preserve docker feature, I would definitively go with the bug fix.
Still, I think we will not have such breaking changes during NS 7 lifecycle, so docker feature should be safe until 2024! :wink:

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@giacomo & @davidep are you going to discuss this feature within @nethesis ?

At the end I’v always considered the subscription module a bit outside of the scope of the nethserver-community at large…

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The change has been approved also by the support team.
We will implement it :wink:


thats great! Thank you.


while you are at it you may review eorepo.conf and pkginfo.conf I think it is dead code, they are templated now in nethserver-base and -subscription.

That’s why the documentation is not completely accurate and we should update it ; to some extend this feature was present in the past.

Reading the below back i’d like to reformulate :grinning:

That why the doc @dnutan refered to in this thread is not completely accurate

That’s why the documentation is not completely accurate and we should update it


You’re right they are always overwritten by the template expansion. However I’d preserve them because they are owned by the nethserver-base RPM.

[root@vm1 ~]# rpm -V nethserver-base
S.5....T.  c /etc/nethserver/eorepo.conf
S.5....T.  c /etc/nethserver/pkginfo.conf

I’m not sure I understood: how do you want to change it?

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The /etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-subscription-eorepo action configures YUM repositories based on subscription. The behavior of the script can be changed using /etc/nethserver/eorepo.conf file which may contain the list of repositories to be enabled.

IMHO the above suggest a user can edit this file to (permanently) change the behavior… Nowaday’s this file is templated and the changes do not survive a software-repos-save event. Moverover the only link to the nethserver-subscription-eorepo action I can find is in the subscription package @system-init. (can have missed something here).
The above made me believe the documentation and the originally intended behavior was a user can make permanent changes regarding the enabled repositories.

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Until a (possible) permanent solution is in place, it’s easy enough to create a template override to add repositories to eorepo.conf:

[root@Nethserver ~]# cat /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/nethserver/eorepo.conf/99custom
# Add my repositories in
[root@Nethserver ~]#



The feature is ready to be tested thanks to @stephdl!


@EddieA @mark_nl @capote @pike anyone want to try the new implementation?

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Yes, I would.

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I dit it:

config setprop subscription ExtraRepositories nethforge,nethforge-testing
signal-event software-repos-save


[root@nethserver ~]# cat /etc/nethserver/pkginfo.conf
# One repository identifier per line
[root@nethserver ~]# cat /etc/nethserver/eorepo.conf
# Blank lines and lines beginning with "#" are ignored

…also with reload

It seems not working. :thinking:

Are you sure the package has been updated from testing?

I’ll pass this one, sorry