People beware ! Docs needs updating

What the fuck is going on ??!!
This page is severly outdated
Reliterate this so devs can get a better grasp of current situation? O-U-T-D-A-T-E-D


DO NOT RUN THE ABOVE COMMAND This will ruinyour current OS.
Ive been fool and asserted docs are current… no, they are not

Above command tries to ihnstall NS, but is given permission denied even being run as root.
Whats more important/intruguing is that supplied uninstaller does nothing (read:: leaves OS with non-working version of NS installed).

So now whats the situation?? After trying to install NS onto currently running CentOS (production, fully backed-up, clusterized server, Im stuck with some unremoveable crap on disk. PAT…

Any help? Dont try to advice me to install NS from ISO or otherwise

Please rephrase yourself with normal language… There is no and never will be a reason to throw around WTF’s

You are obviously doing something else than is described. The command you mention is to install NethServer on a minimal CentOS install

Then you point to the wrong section of the manual. I think you ment to link

Take a breath, try again and give some more info instead of yelling the docs are outdated… Besides, this is a community project… put your money where your mouth is and get your hands dirty. Do a PR on the documentation with changes you think are necessary…


Hi Cloudenv,
That’s great that you try NethServer, :slight_smile:
Unfortunatelly the issue you are describing is vague, can you please give us more details ?
Did you run the install in a staging server first ? Did it go well there ? Are you runing some other server manager on your server ?

What OS are you runing the install ? If it is not CentOS it will give you the errors.
Please keep in mind that (for now) NethServer is only working in CentOS.

Post here the errors and we will try to help you as best as we can.


Clean install of CentOS (all packages updated).
You all dont have to help; there is no need to as we will go with sth else instead…
Where can I send server (hardware) to you so you will clean up the mess your software caused?
Of course you will be charged daily, so sooner the better…

Or shall I file a lawsuit against Nethesis for damages (we need to pay tech people, electricity, another server temp-deploy, money allocation change (instead of R&D & dev proc we need to cover this incident etc etc)? This also caused new version to be late (circa 2-3 weeks)… who will compensate this?

Will put it straight :: Due to messed up docs, I created a mess on production server. Backuped, but still…

It seems to me that “Developer11” reincarnated into another nick.
So what you are saying is true: “fully backed-up, clusterized server” is true… then there is not need for you to “send the hardware” and to invoice anything. (Did you had any contract with Nethesis? or just wanted to say some other big words ? )

Just restore from your “backups” and you are up and running in no time.
Or better yet, restore from snapshot and you are up in seconds.

Since you just made a foul of yourself and is no need to prove this because you have done it.
We will politely ask you to stop and just refrain from making any other comment.

It is clear that the terms you just used are something you have “seen” on a page in internet and tried to make some fus about your “knowledge”… What are you 15? 16?

If you need attention, please seek it somewhere else.
The community here is calm and relaxed, we are working toghether to find answers to real problem not imaginarry ones.

Many people dedicate time and resources in helping others in this community so please do not try to disrupt again their efforts.

We encurage you to read the posts and the docs and try the software and solutions but this is clearly not your end-game.

Good bye

PS: Unfortunatelly nobody can compensate in any way for lack of good judjement that you might have, in any community anyware…


I would also include as part of the good judgement - any good sysadmin would be first testing anything new in a Stage or Dev environment in case it breaks something and everyone knows that breaking something in production is generally a bad thing.

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…testing in production, I made a mess.

There, fixed that for ya.

Edit: anything left here to help with? Honest question…

Thanks to everyone for your support but this topic looks unuseful and inappropriate.
I have to close it

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