Penetration Test

How can I do a penetration test?
Can you give me a mini-tutorial?

Federico Ballarini


I never test a penetration test, but I know it exist several specialized distros for this task. I already heard about Parrot Linux and Pentoo, without test them.
I suggest to go to Distrowatch and search such distro… After you choose, go to the chosen distro site to know a little more about penetration test :relieved:

You do a pentest by becoming proficient at hacking and then trying to hack yourself. If you need a how-to, you can not do a pentest.

Kali-Linux is a distro maintained by professional pentesters for that specific purpose. Learning how to use all the tools can take from years to decades.

If you need a company to help with penetration testing, there is a company called Sec-1 in Leeds, England who provide professional certified white-hat penetration testing services (I’ve personally met their owners and I can personally vouch for them).

Let me know if you need to contact them and I can get you the contact details of the right person at Sec-1.

That sounds like a great service to offer. What prices? I would be very interested.

I don’t have prices unfortunately, there is contact details on their website as well as a list of things they do. Their website is