PDC setup - more questions

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.3.1611
Module: Active Directory

Hi Team,

I’m still trying to understand how best to set this up for our office. Here’s the scoop:

  • Internally we run on Zentyal an existing PDC domain called xyz
  • I want to use nethserver to create a new PDC domain called xyz1
  • I’ve installed nethserver with a hostname like follows: mainserver.xyz.ca when I then go to install/setup AD on nethserver, the domain name that is chosen for me is xyz. I can’t change it.
  • So I begin anew and setup a new nethserver and this time I use a hostname like follows: mainserver.xyz1.xyz.ca. Now when I got to setup my PDC domain on nethserver the domain name that is chosen for me is xyz1. Great!

Ok…but I don’t want my hostname to be named mainserver.xyz1.xyz.ca. I want to keep it to be mainserver.xyz.ca and be able to choose the name of my domain when setting it up.

I know in Zentyal and ClearOS I had the ability to call my domain whatever I wanted. How can I do this now in nethserver? Perhaps the @dev_team has a reason why the domain name is not something we can choose for ourselves?
Is there a reason why nethserver picks the name of the domain for me without allowing me to choose?

Thank you.

The NetBIOS domain name can be set to a custom value before starting the DC, by issuing the command documented here:


Although it is documented for remote AD, that command should work for local too.

This feature will be added to the server manager in the future!


Hi @davidep,

Thanks for reminding me again what I need to do. You have already pointed me in this direction on my other forum post but I didn’t understand until now what I needed to do.

I’ve setup a new nethserver and before installing AD I successfully set the domain name I wanted to use. All is good!

Thanks again for you patience in explaining this to me again.