PC Time for Domain joined PC?

NethServer Version: 7.8

I joined my windows 10 client to a Nethserver AD Domain.

The Time on the Nethserver is synced via NTP:

The Timezone on the Windows 10 PC is set to Vienna:

How should this be setup?

Usually it should work out of the box.

You may check out the samba time sync docs and compare settings and permissions.


I was able to sync the Windows 10 Client’s time with: net time /set /yes
in a Console, but I needed admin rights…

The question is if and how the client syncs the time with the Nethserver AD ?

I was thinking that this is working. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense to force the client to use the Server for timesync…

Is your time service at the client running?
I think in English it is Windows Time Service, or something similar.

I tried this:

But the client’s Windows-Time-Service starts manually… The clients time is drifting…

I will set the Service to start automatically…

For me it’s set to automatically (delayed start)

And the client is a domain-member? I have to crosscheck this with another windows 10 client…

Yes, the client is a domain-member, but we have a windows 2019 dc.