Password Management based on PWM

Hello Again,

Since last time i managed to get all my apps (close to) connected to the LDAP.
Now i’m on the big one PWM - Password Management based on PWM.

Pwm is looking to the memberof attributes for the admin groups.
I dig a bit and the memberof attribute is not available because the module memberof is not enabled.
I try to do it myself using an ldif with phpldapadmin whitout success.
It’s say that DN does not exist cn=module{0},cn=config [.

My referral is :

Any hints about some bestpractises ?
I ask myself also if the change i would made will be still here after major upgrade etc.

I made some improvements. Work in progres.
I tried to keep note of every steps.


Hi there,

Since december i did a lot with Nethserver.

LDAP OK : I had to enable few ldap module like membership overlay on an ActiveDirectory. I also add few schema in order to have more attributes available.
Certificates: I use Letsencrypt and it’s appear that i still have to use tricks in order to have certificate validate for ldap bind etc…

CAS Server: Outside of Nethserver running on a Tomcat i was able to get a working CAS Server. It’s mean that i can now use SSO for my webapplication using apache_mod or dedicated configuration.

PWM: After making changes to the LDAP Schema i was able to have it working quite find.

I have to say that i had no problem at all with the NethServer, it’s running smoothly.

I still don’t have a working How-to but i have my notes.