Password handling

**NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
**Module: Sogo + nextcloud

today I got an error message from a sogo user: There are no emails in my account, it’s empty !
Checking per SSH on nethserver: maildirs are not empty, but the user was right. If we login at sogo as user xy there was nearly nothing to see.
In the end - the max.password age was transcended

## Password policies
X Strong password policy for Users
X Password Expiration for Users
The Maximum Password Age (30 days)
The Minimum Password Age (0 days)

But there was no hint after login to sogo !
Is it possible to show the “password change site” if a user login after max. password age ?

Thank you, for an answer

I don’t think it’s possibile without write other code… why you don’t give instructions to your users to go on server manager and change password if they receive this behavior?

When bound to LDAP or AD, Nextcloud has the feature to advert about password expiration and expired passwords, but not implemented in NethServer’s Nextcloud integration.
Here some more info an alternatives:

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OK - I have always write a mail to all users


Hallo Marc,

… of course I readed about self-service-password and so on - but this is not “clever”

It’s nearly yust the same handling as password-changing-site of nethserver

It was only an idea from me, no big problem. Don’t know if it’s possible and how many work to call the password-changing-site if password is too old

First do you really need to impose to your users to change their password periodically :slight_smile:

Second, in my company, password are written on the keyboard because we have several softwares and one password for each, then the security becomes limited for sure.

Finally IIRC we launch a script to disable users when the password become over, we could probably launch a script to send an email before the password becomes over.

Hallo stephdl,
think you are right - but I’m not the boss . . .
Bosses are too often at meetings and so on and there they hear about IT-security . . .
Thank you

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