Parsing Tool for DMARC reports

Maybe “parsedmarc” could be an nice tool to parsing DMARC reports within the Cockpit GUI:


parsedmarc is a Python module and CLI utility for parsing DMARC reports. When used with Elasticsearch and Kibana (or Splunk), it works as a self-hosted open source alternative to commercial DMARC report processing services such as Agari Brand Protection, Dmarcian, OnDMARC, ProofPoint Email Fraud Defense, and Valimail.

Parses draft and 1.0 standard aggregate/rua reports
Parses forensic/failure/ruf reports
Can parse reports from an inbox over IMAP
Transparently handles gzip or zip compressed reports
Consistent data structures
Simple JSON and/or CSV output
Optionally email the results
Optionally send the results to Elasticsearch and/or Splunk, for use with premade dashboards
Optionally send reports to Apache Kafka


Regards Yummiweb

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Coincidentally, I was just wondering today what to do with the daily Google reports. They are not really readable or processable with other programs (e.g. Excel).
Thanks for the tip. Now I hope that someone from the developers will take up your suggestion.
Best regards, Marko