Package description of modules at the softwarecenter

NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: Webserver

I’ve searched for a description of the packages, don’t find anything at the documentation.
Explicit I want to install webserver and don’t know what every package is.


It would be nice if we could have a little description for every package at the softwarecenter like this:

php-ldap: This package is for…


you need this package for

What do you think?

Greets Michael

PS: By the way, could somebody explain what are the packages for?

All of those are optional extensions for PHP. Some of them should be pretty obvious from the name–php-ldap lets PHP use LDAP, similarly for php-imap, php-mysql, and php-gd. -mbstring adds support for multibyte characters. -apcu, -memcached, and -redis are different caching features. If you’re going to be using a PHP web app, the documentation will usually tell you which (if any) of these you need–though in that case, since the bundled version of PHP is so old, you’ll probably want to use php-scl to use a more recent version of PHP, and that would include the necessary extensions.


Thanks for your description @danb35.

Yes I want to use php-scl, I need php 7.

Good idea but very hard to maintain.

We could try to to extract the “Description” from yum info php-mysql.
But, I would like to not modify the current Server Manager (except for bugs).
Also in the new server manger all optional packages will be installed by default.

Would this mean, you can’t unselect the modules you don’t want or only that they are chosen by default?

They are chosen by default.

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It could be also a nice feature for the new one.

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