ownClowd thorugh webDav pretty slow


I wanted to use ownCloud through webDav in the private network (as a network drive) and noticed that it is slow. Especially the transfer rates between the folders are very very slow. It would be really nice to use it though, because when I change a document through webDav then ownCloud creates a new version of the document (which doesn’t happen when for example I use SMB through External Storage on ownCloud).

I already googled about this though and found out about the Internet Explorer Bug in Windows 7 which makes webDav slower, but the speed isn’t that much better after appling the solution.

Just wanted to ask if anyone has some experiences with webDav or maybe tips on how I can make it faster? I wonder if it has something to do with webDav using the public domain (maybe there is a way to use webDav through internal address?) and https (maybe it is possible to use http and be faster that way?) being the reason for slowing it down so much.


To speed up the WebDav you need to adjust php.ini or php option in virtualhost directive

Could you specify more in detail what I would have to adjust there?

Also I just saw in the admin panel in ownCloud the information that php is outdated. Should I update php in this case too?

Somth like this :