ownCloud Users and Groups

Hello again. When setting up ownCloud with LDAP users I am getting two weird things happening. To explain these I will use an example username “guest.name” and full name Guest User.

  1. When the LDAP users are added to ownCloud, two new users are created, one correct one with the same LDAP username and full name. The second has a username in the form _xxxx and the full name being the same as the username (so “guest.name” = full name).
  2. Each LDAP user with the correct username and full name also has their own group named after their username (so guest.name with full name “Guest User” belongs to a group called “guest.name”). I can’t delete these groups (ownCloud recreates them instantly), not even the one autocreated for the admin_xxxx account (I deleted the default ownCloud one using the instructions given in the Nethserver documentation).

Can someone summarize what is going on here? Also, which user (the one with proper username and full name or the one with _xxxx and username as full name) should I be added to groups/sharing stuff with?

Thanks for bearing with me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should describe exactly what you do and how you do it…

in particular, can you explain the


thank you

Hello Zamboni.

By “LDAP users are added to ownCloud”, I mean the process of creating new users in the Nethserver web interface, whereupon they are automatically added to ownCloud as well.

@alep could you please check this?

Update to my previous post.

Since the update to 7.0.6, the weird _XXXX users have disappeared, so it appears that issue has be resolved. However, a new minor issue is that the user count under the “Everyone” category is 0, though I clearly have 3.

The weird, undeletable groups named after the usernames of the LDAP/Nethserver users still persist though.

Good. Could you please open a new topic about that different issue?

No problem.