Owncloud storage space

I installed owncloud and it works fine but I can only upload 512 MB. Where can I find the settings to increase the space?
Following the owncloud documentation this should be done in the php.ini file but I can’t find it.

@alefattorini @alep did you already faced the problem?

Can I ask why do you want to upload a file bigger than 512 MB by http?
You should use the sync client for such big file. Alternatively try to modify the .htaccess:

Thank you for the tip. I didn’t know it that with the sync client I can handle larger files. But sometime I will not synchronise the data I will store it at the server.
If you work with videos the file can be bigger than 512 MB or an ISO image.

I had in mind to use owncloud as a solution to store and share files. If I run the backup on the server than this would be a solution for a company with 5 people. Simple to setup and to maintain. Nothing fancy like AD or the drawback with sub-folders at shared folders.

That’s the most powerful owncloud feature. You have to try it :smile: