ownCloud in root?

Is there a way to install ownCloud in the root rather than in the /owncloud directory? I had to setup ownCloud late last week for a customer and ended up installing v8.1.1 on a fresh install of Ubuntu server rather than using NethServer because I didn’t see that option.

you’d explain your problem/what you’re aiming to and not your solution

I guess you need a custom file

Hmm… I guess I thought the problem and what I was trying to accomplish was pretty clear. I wanted to install owncloud in the root of the web server (www.domain.com) rather than in a subdirectory (www.domain.com/owncloud).

By a custom file, are you referring to a custom config file for apache? I figured the point of NethServer is to be able to setup and configure everything from a GUI, which is why I’m mentioning this as a question/feature request.


You can create a index.html (or index.php) inside /var/www/html/ directory which makes a redirect to Owncloud.

Otherwise you need to create a couple of template customs but it’s a little more complicated.

That’d be a good way to do it. But then you’d also need to specify the /owncloud subfolder in every client. The client software wouldn’t redirect like a browser, right? Would it be possible to implement a field to specify the subfolder when installing owncloud that gives the option to change it from “/owncloud” to “/files” or just “/” to specify the root path?

I guess they would, otherwise it means clients have bad HTTP protocol implementation :smile:

No it’s not, since NethSever is designed to host multiple applications. But you can achieve the result by tuning apache configuration via template customs.

By client, I was referring to the desktop client application. Take the following image for example:

Rather than https://studio/owncloud, the goal is to have the install in the root. The objective would be for the server address to be https://studio. I don’t think a html or php file with a redirect would redirect the desktop client for owncloud. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

To me, this sounds like you’re saying ease of use and a higher level of customization for an install to fit a users needs is taking a back seat to your personal vision of how NethServer should be used. I guess what I’m trying to say is that not everyone wants to run multiple applications. Some users may want a nice GUI to run a single application in some instances.

Personally, I see myself using NethServer primarily as a router/firewall/UTM, but the need for an ownCloud server came up and I thought to myself “hey! NS does that! I’ll give it a shot!”. I would have much rather had the ease of managing the server from a GUI rather than having to setup and manage everything in command line on Ubuntu… even the older version of ownCloud on NS would have been worth while. But the customer wanted to use a subdomain (owncloud.domain.com) rather than a subdirectory (www.domain.com/owncloud), so in the name of giving the customer what they wanted and not having a “dirty install” of NS with customized files, I went a different direction.

Have you tried? The client should be able to do it.
Try and let us know if it works! :smile:

You’re right, but it’s impossible to create a GUI which satisfy all needs, and this is where the command line comes to help. :slight_smile:
In this specific case, the nethserver-package simply configure Owncloud as suggested by the official package.

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I guess I was wrong. I went ahead and installed NS onto an ESXi host at the office and tested it. I put an index.html file in /var/www/html with the following contents:

<html><head><meta http-equiv=Refresh content="0;url=/owncloud/"></head></html>

It works very well in the browser and in the owncloud desktop client application.

Thanks for the suggestions. I had the same thought at one point, but assumed it wouldn’t work. Bad assumption. :smile:

Wouldn’t putting a section in the web interface for web redirects whenever the ‘web server’ feature is installed be an easy way to offer this functionality through the GUI?

You can so it by yourself :wink: writing down a generic FAQ about redirection from root ans using owncloud as example :wink:

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Seems a bit simple for a FAQ. But done. :wink:

Glad to hear! Thanks for the experiment! :wink:

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