Owncloud 7.0.6 is out

ownCloud 7.0.6 is out…

Where did you see it? I can’t find it


Thank you fasttech !
@alefattorini here you can find the changelog.
We update to new version as soon as possible :wink:

Uh, guess announcement is going to be done today.

Yes, imagine my surprise when I built a new server with ownCloud on Saturday and it was 8.0.4, not what I expected.

Please don’t be sarcastic, it’s not respectful of the work of all of us :disappointed_relieved:
owncloud 8 requirements don’t match with centos 6.6 php version therefore it’s not easy for us to adapt it
We’re working on it, hope to find a smart solution for this issue so everybody are happy :smiley:

OMG… sigh.

I was surprised because I expected 8.0.3 and didn’t realize .4 was available until after I installed it and as you saw, there was no changelog available at that time.

You, of all people on this forum, should know that I understand the state of ownCloud on nethserver.

I see you already have 7.0.6 available for up update, that was fast.

Here you can follow the progess on 7.0.6 update.

I see that was just on nethserver-testing, updated to .6, everything looks appropriate.

But fresh install doesn’t, I’ll try it soon

Hi @fasttech, the release of 7.0.6 is on QA.
If you want to accelerate the release you can test it :smile:

Just released.

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