Overlapping zone name

As you like, just one little thing I’d like to add. I consider it a bug that I was allowed to create a zone named ovpn when afterwards shorewall has problems to load because of a duplicate zone name, so maybe that should be addressed? I would expect that I cannot save a zonename already existing. :slight_smile:

I hope so, but it’s not so easy.
NS is based on the modularity principal, so each package should know the least about all others package.
We can add a validator which prevents the creation of a zone named ovpn if the nethserver-openvpn package is installed. But the name is legit if nethserver-openvpn is not installed.

So what happens if:

  • I create a zone named ovpn in a machine without the firewall
  • I install the nethserver-openvpn package

Clearly there is a conflict here. We could I move the validator inside the core package (nethserver-firewall-base), so nobody can create a zone named ovpn, but this change tight the firewall package to the openvpn one. So, if in the feature the vpn package will change the name of its own zone, we will need also to change core package … just for a validator.

I do not know what is the best solution here.

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