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Good morning i have install nethserver for replacing exchange, but i have a problem, I can’t send all the mail outside to all domain, For example I can’t send a mail to domain @libero.it. but i can sand to other domain. i configure the rule for the port 25, i have read the post in the forum, my problem is that i can’t configure the reverse dns with Aruba and I can’t configure turbosmtp like smarthost. How can I do?

Can you try with this?

@enzoturri @bwdjames @p.mall and @Enzo are good in this topic.

you can not set the dns reverse . you need to apply it to the ADSL line provider , not Aruba .
You have set in Aruba mx records ? the nethserver domain is equal to the real domain?

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are you using external smarthost?

Thank you all for the replies,
Enzo T., I can’t set the mx recort in aruba, In aruba i have the mail server, Nethserver download the mail by pop3 connector. I can’t insert a secondary mx record. The nethserver “windows domain” is not the mail domain i have created a new domain in “mail” with the name of mail domain. For the reverse dns i try to call my adsl provider. But i have more mail domain and more internet provider… (adsl with telecom and setellitar line with tooway with two static ip. I need call all?
Enzo P. Now I’m not use a external smarthost.

Thanks Enrico

I also use the POP3 connector, my setup is much more stupid but fully functional :grin:.
I use the smarthost of NethServer with Aruba’s user login

I managed an identical system (with Aruba ).
Use pop3 and smarthost connector. Not set records mx or reverse dns

In my case:

  • I set the domain nethserver with the mail domain ( eg . Nethserver.mydomain.it )
  • I created users nethserver with the same name of mailboxes ( for mailbox "name@mydomain.it" I created the user “name”) in this way the nethserver email addresses will be equal to the real ones .
  • I set pop3 connector for all accout (You must use the ip of the Aruba pop3 server instead of the host name )
  • I set the smarthost in the same way ( I used ip instead of the host name ) , as a user and password I used a aruba user .

This way , if you decide to use nethserver as the only mail server , just set the mx records and changes reverse dns (disabling the pop3 connector ans smarthost)

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Ok thanks i’ve solve it.:+1:

Thanks Enrico

not for nothing Vincenzo forms part of Docs Team

Can you explain why you prefer to use the IP address?

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to simplify server publishing (in the future), I assigned to nethserver the real domain (mydomain.it).
This implies that nethserver will try to resolve host name (XXX.mydomain.it) without querying external DNS.
Then, To access the Aruba servers (pop3.mydomain.it or smtp.mydomain.it), you must specify the IP.

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If necessary, you can create a host (pop3.mydomain.it) in DNS specifying the correct IP


Ok, Thanks