Outlook CalDav Synchronizer

Interesting for Outlook and SOGo users (not tested, just found it).


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I would add also

Yes but are not free.

I will test again the free version from Sourceforge.
Yesterday I tried but it didn’t work (something about have permission to modify the read only file …).
I will upload some pictures taken during test.

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I just tried the Outlook Caldav Synchronizer project on Windows 10 and Outlook 2013. It installed quickly.

The settings were a bit tricky. But I got it to work.

Before setting up Card/Cal dav settings, you need to have a folder (contact type/calendar type) in Outlook.

Then add the profile to the settings.

There is a certificate issue, where the Synchronizer does not accept self-signed certificates by default. You must either import a x509 certificate from the mail server, or disable the security check under the General Settings of the Synchronizer. Also on contacts - disable contact photos.

Everything else worked well.

Now I can talk to my friend who is a non-technical person using MS products.


Hi Ken,

I was very busy these days and I was very glad a few minutes ago when I read your post!
Unfortunately for me still don’t work. :angry:

Where am I wrong?

The only setting of yours which is different than the ones that I used is the username you used in the signon.

When I sign on to SOGo, I just use a simple username (e.g. ken) instead of my email (e.g. ken@funtimes.com). I guess that I would ask “Which do you signon to SOGo with?” - admin or admin@emailhosting…

Did you test the settings before you saved them?

Hi Ken,

Yes, the test is OK.
I use external login with email account ( SOGo - How to force external login with email account? ).

I will try to return to the default configuration (login with user account) and I will try again. Maybe this is the issue.

I had not seen that other thread until now.

The install that I am using is a “vanilla” 7.0 alpha 2.

I’ll be interested in knowing if that makes a difference.

Not work even with the default configuration (login with user account).
I’m using NS 6.7 final and Outlook 2013/Win 10 pro.

Without this app, I can sync only from SOGo to Outlook.
If I try to set an appointment from Outlook or to change an appointment created from SOGo and loaded in Outlook, the warning is the same: “You cannot make changes to contents of this read-only folder.”

Let me try playing with it. But it will be next week before I’ll find time…

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No problem! Take your time!


cc: @kisaacs

Finaly, with help from Google ( https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/calendar/GDdaZKZYRog ), I can sync the calendar from Outlook to SOGo (two way).

The mistake (but I think it is a MS bug): I created a new Calendar (I thought that this is the corect way), right click on Other Calendars -> Add Calendar -> From Internet … and I tried to set CalDav Synchronizer with this new created Calendar, instead to use the existing Calendar created by default by Outlook.

For me, it works also with default settings of the CalDav Synchronizer (TLS12 enabled).

In the same way, works the Contacts.


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Excellent. I love it when a plan come together.

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It looks it worth doing a small howto, what do you think? @kisaacs @GG_jr ?

I think that only thing that can be added to the “Install instructions / User Manual” from Wiki page of the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer is an warning:

“Do not follow the instinct to create a new Calendar in Outlook, use the Calendar already created by Outlook!” :wink: (why should you have the possibility to create a new Calendar from Internet if can’t be used?)

Or not! Maybe I was the only sucker who tried this way! :angry:

What do you think, @kisaacs ?

Sorry for lengthy delay in repsonse.

There is a point to consider in the concept of a synchronization tool. Its function is to keep two separate lists “in sync”. This pre-supposes that the two separate lists pre-exist. All that synchronization does is to make sure that all entries in A are found in B and all entries in B are found in A.

As such, when we look at the instructions in Outlook CalDav Synchronizer, they could be considered more or less complete.

Having said that, we should as a NethServer community, post a quick how-to WITH the warning to use (or pre-create) an exsiting Outlook calendar. Since I always appreciate a simple how-to when I am pressed for time (which tends to be too frequently) over a more heavily explained sample, a Nethserver how-to coupled with an appropriate link (or two) should suffice.

Agree, just a few notes and links about it