Outbound NAT address

Hi guys, maybe a very stupid question… sorry in advance! I’m new to netheserver…

We have a /28 public address space, so I’ve configured multiple IP aliases on the RED interface.

There are also two green interface, obviously with different address space.
How can I diversify the public address of each green interface?

There’s a configuration for outbound nat address?

thank you!

That’s possible NAT 1:1 ?

no… NAT 1:1 is useful only for inbound NAT, i.e. dmz web server.

But I need to configure OUTBOUND nat.

the question is: is there a way to use an alias IP address of the RED interface for the outgoing internet connectivity?

ok, works with sNAT 1:1 but only with a single host.

In firewall object, I define both range IP and CIDR, but they not appear in dropdonw menu in sNAT1:1 section. Only single host appear.

maybe a bug?