Other problem with Nextcloud after update: Log in to access this website and Some files have not passed the integrity check

NethServer Version: Latest
Module: Nextcloud 18 with Onlyoffice


After the update to version 18 I see the error message as in the picture when I am logged in as administrator. As can be seen in the second picture, a login window pops up in which I should enter login data. However, this does not work with the Nexrcloud Admin and also with the admin account from the Nethserver. Can I neglect the error message or do I have to readjust the system?



If the failed file integrity refers to EXTRA_FILE and README.md it is probably the /usr/share/nextcloud/apps/files_rightclick/README.md file. You can manually remove that file. It’s a misconfiguration on upstream files_rightclick app (which either forgot to add that file to the files to be checked or to exclude it from the app release).

Technical information
The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix

- files_rightclick
		- README.md

Raw output
    [files_rightclick] => Array
            [EXTRA_FILE] => Array
                    [README.md] => Array
                            [expected] => 
                            [current] => 008148d723136644c2542312557ed5b9db1af5de6797a221d221012ae0ad367b2daca4774bcaba8936ec8394093b83c3e3f2d8e7c52e5f5882e28579dffe99e2




Thank you Marc!