OT: QNAP TS-251A: any ram upgrade experience?

Hi, it’s not NethServer related but i hope to receive more experiences on the topic.
A stock 2GB RAM QNAP TS-251A is used by a customer, and clamav take it’s time to scan the documents folder (60hrs). Too much.
Considering the opportunity to upgrade the ram for give the process more cache to use, i’ve found some successful experiences of upgrade with Kingston and Crucial DDR3L 4gb modules. Device support up to 8GB of ram.

Did any of the members hit that box and… managed it successfully?
Thanks for any support :wink:

What kind of module is now inside ?

The stock one, did not disassembled it yet.

looks like 16G is running, when i need some RAM what ist exacltly rigth i order it there


By my researches, both Kingston and Crucial provide the “right SKU” for QNAP, at least by user experiences. Also, Crucial provide a 1x4GB RAM Kit for TS-251A-4G.

this company sell it with service and gernatiy for running
sometimes it needs a firmware update