OS Updates, Virtualizer updates: experiences

After a bunch of support threads about Hyper-V and network interfaces i started to look for updates of LIS when i receive a kernel update.
Never had the same experiences on VmWare (Player and ESX, only a couple of installations), so I am wondering: only Microsoft needs to publish so frequent updates for integration software between hosts and guests?

Need to ask, what is LIS?

I’m running NethServer in Proxmox, my experience so far is very good.
My only problem is to ‘understand’ when a restart is needed, is Linux and neither NS or Proxmox, say anything: a message+banner+mail about when a restart is needed.

So, I’m always guessing when/where I need to schedule a restart.
Someone say to me: “if there is a new Kernel, restart”.

I feel alone in the wild wild world of updates.

Linux Integration Services, the equivalent of VMWare’s Tools.

If there is a new kernel or updates to libc, then it’s usually safer to reboot the virtual machine.

Proxmox would only need to be restarted based on updates to it, not any guest VMs.


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Hello Enrique
If you update your proxmox with the console, a message will be shown about rebooting…
It’s very rare (once a year?) - and not critical if you don’t reboot right away!

My 2 cents!

Thanks @Andy_Wismer,

Yes, I use the console since more than a year, and I never seen that message (?), maybe as you say is rare. The previous upgrade stated that a reboot was needed, I suppose that I forgot seeing that message.

With your advices, I feel that I’ll reboot less Proxmox/Nethserver.


In the Wiki, the useful Commands Page says under - Reconfigure the Server - : “no reboot, a business server shouldn’t be rebooted” - Useful Commands


By the way, how do you check if a backup is running under Proxmox/Nethserver with CLI before reboot?


The VMID becomes “locked”, you could check for that…
(unlocking is something like qm unlock VMID…)

I’ll admit to using the WebGUI for that, but then again:

I keep things simpler:
Backups of VMs run after Midnight, and must be finished by 07:00.
So during daytime I don’t need to worry about such details… :wink:

My 2 cents

Ahh ‘how do you check’ I miss read the question… But @Andy_Wismer write the right answer

I have scheduled the backups at 2AM/3AM morning with email inform the result.
Here proxmox ends at 3:20AM, Nethserver ends at 2AM
And I need to be honest, I haven’t tested the recovery-backup… I’m planning to learn this task, I’m waiting for some disks to use a PC that I got on top of my desk as a reminder.


Yes normally I do so but it would be cool to use only the CLI (for weak connections to remote servers.). I will find a way…

I actually test all Proxmox VMs, usually the toughest ones:

Client Server is usually a HPE Server.

One of my Test-proxmox is on a Mac Mini Server.

I actually tried restoring a Windows 2012 Server running a MS-SQL to my Mac-Mini. And it worked!

No licensing issue, Windows didn’t notice the different HW. (I prefer using the generic KVM-CPUs for that, Live Migration to different HW is much less Headache!).

My 2 cents

I think the info is amended to the config file under /etc/pve (Host-ID specific)


We are in the process of migrating a little project from windows 8.1 to Linux, we already use MySQL on it, so we can forget the crapping licensing issues with MS. We connect raspberries that use scales and label printers to this system.

And some weeks ago, we ask to a sales partner of MS, to buy a license for that vm with windows 8.1 (we don’t want to use w10, because that crap reboot and updates at will) runing as VM in proxmox; he tell us some mumbo-jumbo issues with the licensing, to understand MS lic, we need to have a degree in voodoo, offer pop-corn to a volcano, buy 5 cals with S.A. and drink goat’s blood. :tired_face:

The software tested was actually also licenced (A Hotel Software).

All worked as expected!


Some years ago, I use ssh to redirect the need port from our proxmox, so I can check that from home; I even can ‘localhost’ the gui, but it fails when I try to open a window for the VM.

This example is for VNC.

ssh -oPort=60222 -L useradmin@aaa.bbb.ccc.dd

I think that I use this for proxmox (this example is on the same network, need to tweak for a remote session):

# is the proxmox address
ssh -A -L 8006:localhost:8006 admin1@ ssh -A -L 8006:localhost:8006 -N root@

When I use ssh, I need to open tmux or screen, because if I leave the keyboard from sometime, the connection is ‘paused/hanged/irresponsibe’


Another way could be to look if the logfiles are touched:

lsof /var/log/vzdump/*

If a backup is runnig it looks like this:

task\x20U 11119 root   11w   REG  253,1      495 2755097 /var/log/vzdump/qemu-101.log
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Should work like the same way for Nethserver ?

lsof /var/log/backup/*

edit: confirmed!

tee     24870 root    3w   REG  253,0       58 3222318448 /var/log/backup/backup-backup-data-201905232145.log
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[quote=“fausp, post:16, topic:12720”]
[/quote] :star_struck:

Now I need ‘something’ that sent an email when this info appears, or create some ‘service’ to check before trying to reboot/or any task needed.

Looks like a good scenary to learn how to program something in Linux/CentOS (with php, python, or something light) even the GUI in proxmox and nethserver.