Organizing the NethServer Conference 2019 📅

Oh guys you make me sad :frowning:
So far we have

@bwdjames (maybe)
@fuso ?
and… ?

Forgot to mention @Jeroen_Visser @Ctek @hucky @asl @gerald_FS @hector @vmakol @mvh @Zwordi @jjimenez

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I actually might be able to be there, unless I’m off abroad again. New job, loads of travel, very little time left atm.

I can hook you up with everything Datacenter tho, and let me know if you require a truenas quote :smile:


Did you move on? Great news. Where?

I’ll try this year, because I will have more time in the next few months

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At this stage, I am unsure if I can make it (even though I really want to be there)…

From the poll:

@LayLow and me

You should be in the ambassadors_group which is linked :rofl:

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I thought Alessio wants to have a list of people who are coming to the conference in this post, no matter of their group membership or if they are linked somewhere.

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Thanks guys, just edited the list

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Working for Rahi Systems nowadays as sales engineer/solutions architect.
Great team, can-do mentality, and enough services engagements as well, so great diversity and fun.

I’m assigned to the BeNeLux region, but so far have been in Ireland for a week, and in Finland for 2 now. So it’s more like EMEA :slight_smile:


Voted for “definitely be there” ; but how sure can you be…
If I’ve an appointment aboard it might be impossible.

And will think about the intensive to tell something about Nethserver on arm.


Thanks for clarification, I’ve seen another context, sorry:

Didn’t read Alessio’s posts again and combined your answer with the wrong post in my mind.

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Hi @alefattorini,

Thanks for the invit, i will be there !!!

I hope everyone of you is fine with the Winter coming :wink: .

Have a nice week.


That’s a great news!

Thanks for inviting, but this time it is not possible. Wishing everybody a pleasant stay


I’ll miss you, Doc! I hope to see you soon again, maybe in Pesaro with a good piadina!


Quick update. Booking a room in a hotel needs some requirements:

  • > 30 participants at least
  • full-day schedule and speakers. Hopefully 8-10 speakers minimum
  • participants have to land in Bruxelles the day before on Thursday

Currently, we don’t have these numbers and I wouldn’t overestimate our potential :-\

Looks like a more feasible option is booking a room at Fosdem as last year and organize:

  • Community Friday Beer at Delirium
  • Community Conference on Saturday Afternoon at Fosdem
  • 3-4 speakers (topics?)
  • a couple of roundtable (topics?)
  • Community Dinner (where?)

What do you think?


agreed on the fosdem room

Open-source and community-driven development: stephdl

@pagaille do you know something cool that we could book for 20 people or more :slight_smile:


…near ULB so we can get out of Fosdem have a walk then have dinner together?