Organizing September Community Hangout

the time has come for a post-summer community hangout.
Looking at you my hangout friends: @etino @sitz @davidep @mabeleira @medworthy @andreac @Ctek @Nas @vcc @warren_midgley @jgjimenezs @WillZen @JOduMonT @dz00te @Jim

How about next week on Wednesday or Thursday or the week after? Make your choice:

Do you have any proposal for the topic?

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Total noob question:
In I see 18:00… It`s local time or Greenwich Time or other?

Sorry, my fault. Now doodle supports your timezone, please click on the new link above.

Thanks to @warren_midgley @etino @Jim @Nas @Ctek for their choices! 16th seems most viable date so far.
Please @mabeleira check the new link above, you have selected the old one! Re-fill your availability

We’re 6 for the 16th September, @giacomo @davidep @alep do you wanna join us?
Do you have any proposal for the topics to address?
Just a short list:

  • Introduce yourself (for attendees)
  • AMA (Ask Me Antyhing) with Alessio
  • How can we celebrate 6.7 release?
  • How to help Newcomers to feel part of the community? How can we improve such process?
  • What’s a rolling release?

Sorry, I can’t join at 2am in the morning. I have an appointment on that day and it doesn’t look good if I sleep in the meeting :wink:

I hope I can join the next time.

I’m sorry next time we’ll try with a timezone good for you!

Is ok but not this time. I am a freelancer and can organise my time by my own. Only next week I have to be on the IBIC conference and this is a hard stuff. It wouldn’t look good if I sleep in the conference or in the meetings.

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Woah we’ll have aboard also @jgjimenezs!
That’s wonderful!

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