Organizing July Community Hangout

How about next week on Wednesday or Thursday?
@warren_midgley tomorrow I will publish a new doodle

Edit: Any proposal for the topic?


Excellent, what time are you thinking of running the hangout?

My main problem is work might get in the way.

How about?
@eitno @sitz @davidep @mabeleira @AbsyntH @medworthy @andreac @Ctek
Anyone else?

Hi guys, I’d love to participate but I can’t unfortunately because of work.

What time suits you best?
We can meet at a time that is most convenient for you? Suggestions are welcome

This weeks I can participate only after working hours :frowning: or in weekend

Anytime after 17:30 GMT would be perfect for me or anytime at all over a weekend

Like @warren_midgley, also for me after work time it’s ok.

Comparing timezone tables I think it could be interesting also for members over Atlantic Ocean…,12,5&h=14&date=2015-7-9&sln=17.5-18.5

What about 19.30 CEST? Does it suit you better?

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Just added a new schedule, @etino @sitz please review your choices if you need

Hi @alefattorini

starting from today July 1 till August 7 I am available for an hangout only in thet morning from 10:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. CEST due some temporary changes in my work hour.

@WillZen I saw your booking, please use the link below

@alefattorini this time the doodle don’t have the selection of timezone (I remember the last one have it)
Is it a setting lost?

You’re right, I’m sorting it out… anyway times showed are in CEST

Just propose, i’m on vacation this week, kids have school break so i’m
doing daddy’s work (parks, cinema, museums,etc)

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Enjoy your vacation! :smile: also next week? We’re discussing next Wednesday/Thursday proposal!

I’ll be working, but i’m sure i’ll can make time.

If I see it right than the hangout will be at 19:30 CEST. This is 3:30 in Melbourne and I can’t join. Sorry, is too early.

Please add me to the session.

Sorry guys I can’t be there today due to personal issues. :frowning:
Can we switch to next wedsnday? 19.30 CEST on 15th of July
Could it suit for you @warren_midgley @Ctek @etino @andreac @Nas ?
Please let me know ASAP

@davidep @giacomo @filippo_carletti do you want to join us? We can address the first two points by @Ctek :