Organisation Unit

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Samba

Hello there,

I am wondering how to setup an active directory OU in nethserver.

Since Corona I run a W2K16 Standard Server configured as a remote desktop server. All my office employees are able to connect from home and work like in the office.

My NS is in my network, which consists of a W2K16 DC, the above mentioned RDP Server and the NS instance which is a DC itself with a different AD and contains my E-Mail Server and nextcloud.

On the W2K16 DC two zones are set which are pointing to the IP adress of NS. Works great and produce no issues at all.

To run a proper RDP you have to make specific AD settings to get your RDP running.

Now I am wondering if it would be possible to replace the W2K16 DC with the NS AD DC and still be able to run the RDP.

I tried once as a test but the rdp was not found from outside using the RDP build in from WIN 10.

Maybe someone has an idea.

Take care and stay heatlhy.





I’m running several NethServer as AD for clients. For Home Office Remote Access, I use Win10 with TSPlus, which extends the Win10 to a real, multiuser Remote Desktop Server, which looks and feels like what users are used to.

To be honest, most users do not feel a Windows Server (Running as RDP Server) looks & feels like the Windows, there are too many “server” issues which are different. Starting with the browser settings…

TSPlus is also a lot cheaper and works also as cluster, Application Server (Only a single application is “exposed” as RDP), and several features like full HTML5 access, Clustering and much more…
A Win10 System with eg 25 licensed users, and runs great!
TSPlus is a german product, one of the better software ones!

To do tweaks in NethServer’s AD, just install Microsofts RSAT tools on any Windows10 workstation, and use an AD user with AD Admin permissions!

My 2 cents

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I think your best bet is using a Windows client with RSAT.
Samba4 does support AD OU’s. See for more info:
The other 3 parts of that series is quite interesting to read too.
Be aware of NethServer specific behavior, like not editing config files. Instead create custom templates in e-smith environment.