Option to upgrade to latest PHP

(Prakash B S) #1

I learnt in other forum that PHP 5.3 or older versions has some limitations.
so, I want to use 5.5 for Owncloud.
can I upgrade? If yes what steps should I follow ?
Which version of owncloud is in market place now?

(Alessio Fattorini) #2

We’are running 7.0.5 but 8 is coming, hope next months
Thanks to @stephdl work i’m thinking not much work needed

(Prakash B S) #3

If I want to install latest app like owncloud, instead older version from market place, can we do that?
Can we Remove the installed PHP and install the latest?

You mentioned you already planning for version 8.
how easy and reliable, your patches or upgradeS to do without breaking the system?

I am trying to put this server on production environment for 50 to 60 users. So if I setup I can’t disturb that setup for at least 6 months.

And why I am unable to post sanother question.
it is asking me to wait for another 18 hours

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #4

Normally one topic per post is often a good politic, I see many questions here.

Centos6 == nethserver6

If you find a howto for centos6, quite sure it is workable.

Owncloud from nethserver is customised with ldap authentication, and some other bonus, if you install it on your own, you can, but at least all the customisations won’t be there.

welcome in the real life, vitualisation will be your friend

for my module, things are in the good direction, quite workable, but at least I need some days before to finish it.

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #5

Yes, you can replace current PHP release with the one from SCL (https://www.softwarecollections.org/en/).

You will be able to upgrade from current release with no downtime (except for a httpd daemon reload).

We are planning to create a new Apache instance running a different version of PHP and then create a proxy pass on the main one.