Option to remove old kernels

mmmhhh… what about using google, find the answer (took me 5 secs) and do it yourself? :slight_smile:

The problem will only occur when you have a dedicated /boot. What is default with NS? is /Boot on a separate partition? If so, regular removal of the obsolete kernels is a good idea. You don’t want to be confronted with a full /boot.

IF there is already a rotation of 5 by default, this should not be a problem.

@zamboni please stop the rtfm mentions. They are counter productive and only set a bad atmosphere in the community.

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all of us started from the RTFM and if now we know something is exactly for this reason…
so, for some trivial things (like this one), I think that my post is educative…

anyway, if you really think that feeding people with fishes instead of make them learn to fish is the right way, you’re welcome.

I must have a problem…
I made theses searchs:
SME Server kernel rotation
SME server kernel backup rotation
SME server old kernel backup rotation
SME server old kernel backup rotation upgrade
SME server kernel backup upgrade

I wasted lot of more than 5 sec… And don’t have the answer yet…

When you posted, I think " damned, he’s right…"
but I must admit… I must googling wrong, can you give me 5s more?..:wink:

“centos keep old kernels” works fine for me…

ah, just to be clear, I never searched for this info before (don’t needed, always relied on the OS default)

No, I think you should point people to the fishes and provide them the net to catch them instead of yelling from a distance to go get some fish themselves.

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google searching is an art and an ability… :smile:

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I did it

I told jim “google”, not “do it yourself”

We obviously have a different way of helping others. I prefer the polite way.

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well… english is not my language, but I help everyday people in english… I helped Jim and I’m quite sure I was not unpolite…

moreover, Jim seems grown enough to defend himself.

anyway, as usual, you’re free to think what you want and welcome when you express your thoughts

I had totally missed this answer, where there’s the right information.

Now I have a doubt… the information is in the dnf.conf or somewhere (cause of SME/NS)?
I’m at work and can’t verify by myself, now

The option is inside /etc/yum.conf and it’s called installonly_limit.

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Becuse learning is always the best way to improve our knowlege:

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Did I need to reboot?
Because now I have a bunch of 6 kernel :fearful:

Finally to clean to system… I had to install yun-utils

# yum install yum-utils

and clean up

# package-cleanup --oldkernels --count=2

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@Jim you can also make a custom template for yum.conf file :slight_smile: in order not to delete old kernels by your own.

I’m curious to know why this parameter don’t work…

This e-smith layer… Let’s talk about it :camel:

It works!

it Indeed keeps 5 kernels

But I put it at 2…
And NS keep 6 Kernels



cat /etc/yum.conf

[root@host1 etc]# ll /boot | grep -c vmli