Option to remove old kernels


I was looking my trusty Nethserver, and in the Disk Usage, I see this:

I have a non negligible bunch of kernels :expressionless:

I can bet: one is used, this one is useful :smile:
I can imagine an old one can be useful if a bad thing happen, the precedent working kernel…:smiley:

But all others are useless now…

So, can we imagine to automatically suppress this old unused stuff?
Or to have a place in the software center where to purge this stuff

when you install a new kernel the oldest one is uninstalled automagically… at least so works on SME… only 3 kernels are kept

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It’s a new feature in SME or an old one?

since epoch


So for NethServer, it’s a missing feature :smile_cat:

your kernels are about 100MB, it is nearly nothing if we look after the size of modern disk :slight_smile:

if you want to know how many kernels you have ,do

yum list installed  kernel

Your argument is not acceptable, because there’s any kind of appliance…
Like this one:

Which have a little msata drive… So a proxy cache, and the software center filling the disk… And it can be really tricky.

Yes, of course… the CLI,
but it’s NethServer so we must do with the mouse, not the keyboard :wink:
we don’t have to drop the mug

This could be an option to make a small button called “remove old kernels, select amount of kernels to keep” for on the adminpage: http://www.if-not-true-then-false.com/2012/delete-remove-old-kernels-on-fedora-centos-red-hat-rhel/

I would prefer something automatic, the idea to lose even for one second my keyboard is unsupportable

CentOS always had such feature and in NS is set to upstream default, which is 5.

Yes it could be, but, as always, NS web interface is not webmin and we must wisely choose what expose into the GUI.
In this case, I think only a really small part of end users care about this problem.

If you wish, I can give you a quick template-custom as a solution :smile:

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It’s fair for me.

How much is big your drive? Why would 5 kernels be a problem?

If there a rotation already configured ( 5 ) it’s okay :smile:

Tell me where to adjust this parametrer, ans I will make a wiki page for tweaking this parameter.

mmmhhh… what about using google, find the answer (took me 5 secs) and do it yourself? :slight_smile:

The problem will only occur when you have a dedicated /boot. What is default with NS? is /Boot on a separate partition? If so, regular removal of the obsolete kernels is a good idea. You don’t want to be confronted with a full /boot.

IF there is already a rotation of 5 by default, this should not be a problem.

@zamboni please stop the rtfm mentions. They are counter productive and only set a bad atmosphere in the community.

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all of us started from the RTFM and if now we know something is exactly for this reason…
so, for some trivial things (like this one), I think that my post is educative…

anyway, if you really think that feeding people with fishes instead of make them learn to fish is the right way, you’re welcome.

I must have a problem…
I made theses searchs:
SME Server kernel rotation
SME server kernel backup rotation
SME server old kernel backup rotation
SME server old kernel backup rotation upgrade
SME server kernel backup upgrade

I wasted lot of more than 5 sec… And don’t have the answer yet…

When you posted, I think " damned, he’s right…"
but I must admit… I must googling wrong, can you give me 5s more?..:wink:

“centos keep old kernels” works fine for me…

ah, just to be clear, I never searched for this info before (don’t needed, always relied on the OS default)

No, I think you should point people to the fishes and provide them the net to catch them instead of yelling from a distance to go get some fish themselves.

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google searching is an art and an ability… :smile:

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I did it

I told jim “google”, not “do it yourself”