OpenVpn Tunnel and MultiWan

Hi all, I have an openvpn tunnel between 2 nethsecurity, each of them have 2 wan (backup mode).
How do I know in which order the wans are used?

In the tunnel server configuration I can specify the publics ip, in the client configuration no.
Is this list the order of use of the wan?
If I understand correctly, in the “server” firewall the wans are used according to that order, in the “client” firewall according to how the “multiwan” section is configured?
Am I right?


Can you help?

Hi Riccardo,
you’re talking about NethSecurity which is the commercial name of NethServer.
So if you have problems, maybe it’s better if you open a support ticket.

When using OpenVPN is always the client that decide where to connect.
To be sure of the applied order, you can see the configuration file inside /etc/openvpn directory. If multiple IP address are given, they will be used in order from top to bottom.

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It was a long time ago, in the old interface, but i remember i could “force” a computer(firewall object) to use a specific WAN.

That should be possible with protocols too.

And thats on NethServer, i dont know NethSecurity! :stuck_out_tongue:

On public ip config with DDNS, on swap wan link the ddns update the ip and client reconnect on new ip.

I Agree, this can work, using DDNS instead one IP. <- Pretty good ddclient here!

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