OpenVpn Server Setup

NethServer Version: 7
Module: OpenVpn

Hi I’m able to connect to server OpenVPN road worrier

But my use case is to connect two or more PC’s internally
I have connected two pc with a VPN server(NS) and trying to RDP one from the other using VPN is it’s showing an error


please help

my need is to communicate devices intenally .

We need more information about how you setup the VPN & your network topology.

my nethserver is running on Ocean Cloud
I have created OpenVPN rodworrier
below is the setting screenshot

hi now i’m able to connect one pc from other using RDP.
But now issue is i’m not able to open any web page in the browser

Easy peasy I hope. First thing is confirm both end units are connected to the VPN and showing via the Road warrior GUI.

Next, make sure you can ping the end device you are after so from pc-user1 I pinged the IP address of pc-user2 in this demo @

If you can ping, attempt to RDP to the device via it’s OpenVPN IP address. If you cannot ping the end device you may be blocked by the Windows firewall (I had to disable mine on a Win10 machine on the Guest network to confirm that was the issue). If you confirm the Windows firewall is giving you problems, you may need to create a firewall rule to allow the incoming traffic.

EDIT - seems you fixed the RDP issue before I posted.