Openvpn server in a virtual machine with one nic

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: OpenVPN
I would like to connect a nethserver installed in a vps with 2 remote networks via openvpn.
The vps server has only one network card ( one static public ip ) and from the manual I found this:
If installing on a public VPS (Virtual Private Server), the server must be configured with a green network card. It is therefore recommended to close the critical services ports using the Network Services panel.
To implement the vpn I have to add a virtual interface to the nethserver on the vps that will act as a server for openvpn?
I don’t know if I was clear in the description of my project. Do you think it is feasible with 3 nethserver?

I have never used the server to server VPN option in NethServer and not sure if it is possible with NethServer to do multiple server to server VPN connections.
If the issue is that you need 1 or more green interfaces, and you only have 1 interface (being RED) there is an option to create 1 or more ‘dummy’ interfaces.
Have a look here: Create a dummy interface when you only have 1 NIC available

To wrap this up a wiki page has been created too (to install NethServer on a single NIC VPS, on top of a CentOS7 minimal image)

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