OpenVPN roadwarrior per user custom routes?

Curious if there is support for per user custom routes? some users should have routes pushed for some services. other users should get different routes or access to a different VLAN.

Is this possible?

As far as i know, not via custom routes on GUI
On RoadWarrior server page you can push all routes to clients into advanced section, but into user section you cannot customize routes pushed to specific users.
But you can specify the ip that user should receive by the server, therefore on firewall you can setup rules for allow access to subnets or hosts interval (even with time conditions)


good point @pike, I did consider that but did not try it. I was trying to find a way to reduce the amount of systems that need to be used. I don’t have the firewall module installed on NS but maybe i’ll give it a try and see if that works.

roadwarrior from install to a connected test client literally took 2 minutes. Very nice!

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Can custom routes be asked as a feature request? it’s quite easy to implement in the config file but not sure what it would take for NS to support it.

Consider opening a new feature request topic for this option on OpenVPN :wink:

I will today :slight_smile: