OpenVPN RoadWarrior bug? short/long user name

Different username input method…

In this method:

works with both antonio.biasio and inut name

In this method:

works only con input name

In the old interface…

then maybe it is correct to write name @ domain

Can you please set the language to english before you do a screenshot at the future? I think more people can understand it.

Is there a reason for this behavior


There are my bets…

  • dynamic public ip address
  • no mail server installed (or related with the hostname of the setup)
  • ddns module installed and hostname related

Taking these only from the screenshots. @netbix if you’re asking for help on a forum… Be kind: at least provide a simple but comprehensive list of features of your setup. Modules installed, way of connection, number of adapters, zones, services installed/used/going to be detached or removed.
It will help better to understand your requests. Otherwise, if you think there’s a bug, you can even open a PR.

Therefore, i think that the certificate looks for the service user (without the domain part). If certificate and username match… no need for domain part of username.

Instead, the user/password looks for the system user. Which is hostname/domain related. I don’t know if it’s good or not, but maybe if the installation is “pure gateway” use, a “detached by system” user for OpenVPN is better; no need to install LDAP Server.

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