Openvpn on Mac Roadwarrior

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with openvpn Rw on Macbook.
When i am on the same network on both sides
i.e. local and remote, i can not reach the server, nor by ip or name.

Same ovpn file on Windows, and openvpn community, no problem.

Tunnelblick has the same problem.

Anyone can help me without throw away the MacBook?

Thank you


Check that the port forwarding is set to allow connections from the OpenVPN server ip and that Nethserver has it listed in allowed ip finally checked that local DNS is working properly with the connections

The problem not the server/forwarding. Same configuration and same ovpn profile on Windows works correctly.


Try if it works in Viscosity. I use Viscosity for my Windows & Mac clients, so far, no issues!

My 2 cents

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Hello Andy, i tried viscosity.

Home network=
Office network=
Same gateway=
On Windows, openvpn community works well.
On Mac os, tried openvpn connect, tunnelblick, viscosity. no way, browser loads only the local gateway, no remote gateway or remote ip.
When home network is different like Windows and Mac connects to office normally.
I used the same ovpn file.

Hi @sarz4fun

This is essentially normal: you normally can’t connect two sites using the same IPs…
Both sites should use different IPs!

My 2 cents