OpenVPN net2net service

NethServer Version: 7.14.1708
Module: OpenVPN

OK, looks like IPSec did not work out of the box for our needs, happy to look into this further however looking for a solution. Now looking at OpenVPN as an alternative.

I have created an OpenVPN tunnel on port 1195 however when I check this port it is not accessible. Do I need a firewall rule to open the port or should this be done automatically?

In the list of services I can see OpenVPN@host-to-net is stopped on port 1194 however should there be a service for OpenVPN@net-to-net?

Please have a look at the logs. I don’t use VPN, but I think there should be an openvpn.log, if not you have to look at messages.log. Please post the errors.

At the following links are constructions how to setup openvpn.

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